I’m Asra, thank you for visiting my blog! I usually blog about bookish things (reviews, tags, recommendations and discussions) and some student/lifestyle things (specifically student things like study tips, managing everything, tv show and movie recommendations and the like) I don’t have a schedule but I aim to post twice a month!

I’m from Pakistan, 17, pronouns are she/her. I’m in Year 13 (which I think translates to senior year of high school) in the last year of A-Levels. I take maths, physics and english, the only subjects I enjoy in school, I write sometimes (mostly short stories and articles/essays.) My blog name is ‘uncreative asra’ because I like the juxtaposition (I think I’m quite a creative person in terms of writing fiction haha) but I was also feeling very uncreative when thinking of my blog name so it just stuck!

some book related facts:

  • I am a mood reader
  • I’m a kind of slow reader
  • I’m not that critical of a reader, depends on the book and my mood
  • I like YA though slowly delving into NA/A, I enjoy fantasy, contemporary and romance mainly.
  • I want to read more horror, not that into sci-fi, and I haven’t decided if I like mysteries and thrillers yet.
  • Paperback books are my favourite, I like ebooks and hardcovers but paperbacks >>

some non book related facts

  • I do enjoy binging things on Netflix sometimes
  • I like listening to music and going on long, peaceful walks
  • I really do love school and learning
  • I’m shy, reserved, and introverted
  • I watercolour sometimes, its the only art medium I am decent at
  • Hoping to do Physics and Philosophy at university
  • I hate planes. I hate flying. But I like visiting new places and visiting family. Can they invent teleportation already.

thank you for reading, hope you enjoy my blog!